The MDR Indie Spotlight

Mike Davidson Recording prides itself in our continued support of New England’s talented recording artists. In effort to help local, passionate and dedicated musicians create quality recordings, we’re offering 6 hours of free studio time to Boston’s best bands.

Step 1: Submit Your Work

Submissions will be evaluated based on musicality, artistry, style and creativity. We will be taking new submissions each month for a limited time. We ask that you only submit to this opportunity if you’re an independent band or artist. This means if you’re signed to a major label, you don’t qualify for this opportunity, although bands on indie labels are more than welcome to submit.

Step 2: MDR Staff Music Reviews

Each submission will be carefully reviewed by our music staff. All applicants will receive honest feedback, advice and suggestions regarding their music, performance and industry potential.

Step 3: Finalists Selected

Three finalists will be selected to perform live in our studios as a chance to fully impress upon us their strengths, capacities and concepts. All participating bands will receive a mix of their in-studio performance that day.

Step 4: Contest Winner Selected

The best performing band will be awarded 6 hours of free studio time. To submit your music today, fill out the form below. We accept submissions on a first come first serve basis.