• Preproduction

    Preproduction involves discussion of conceptual and practical techniques to be employed while making the recording. We will analyze your songs based on elements of composition to optimize their recordability. By working on this together, we can make the most of our studio time. Tell us what you want and MDR will make it happen. If you don’t know what you want, MDR will help you make those decisions.

  • Recording

    This is, very literally, the process of recording your music. The engineering methodology employed during the recording process is crucial to how your music will sound once the song is completed. By becoming familiar with your music before we step into the studio, MDR ensures your music is well represented. With MDR’s expertise in many genres and artists, we have the skills to capture your music creatively and appropriately.

  • Mixing

    Once you have your tracks recorded, it’s all about getting the levels just right. Whether you”ve recorded with us or somewhere else, mixing must be done in the right environment by the right ears. You”ll have the opportunity to be as involved in the mixing process as you desire.

  • Mastering

    Mastering is the last step in the production process and the first step in manufacturing. It’s perhaps the most crucial stage in your project because it’s the final opportunity to achieve a high fidelity. In most cases, mastering entails overall spectral and dynamics processing to add an overall sheen to the recordings and bring the mixes up to commercial loudness.

  • Producing

    When producing, MDR operates on a macro level, helping an act carry out their vision when making a record. We can take an act the next level of commercial success slots and artistic development. MDR produces many genres of music, from solo artists to full band projects.

  • Photo/Video

    We offer HD video services for music videos, live in-studio performances, and documentaries. We provide session photography, if you’d like to capture a behind the scenes look at your recording session, as well as photographic portraits, often used for promotional purposes (press kit, album art, etc).

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