Win a free pre-production session with Producer, Mike Davidson!



Our Songwriter Contest is an excellent opportunity for local, up-and-coming Boston area songwriters to work on their craft and collaborate with an industry record producer. Winners of our Songwriter Contest will receive:

1 free song workshop with Producer Mike Davidson

The goal of your songwriter workshop is to give you the experience of what pre-production is like with a professional producer. Pre-production is the work that goes into preparing a song for the recording process, and is an essential step in making a creative, unique, and commercial recording. During your song workshop, Mike will collaborate with you fully to help prepare your song for the recording process, helping you develop ideas regarding concept, melody, harmony, lyrics, etc.


Our Songwriter Contest will lend an objective ear and create new opportunities for inspiration, taking the overall production value to a high level of sophistication. We’d love to hear your song and learn more about your music. Fill out the form below and enter to win our Songwriter Contest!

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