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  • Chris Peck, Musician

    I’ve been lucky enough to work with a number of talented music professionals over the years.  Some of them have been great.  Some of them have outstanding reputations in the recording business.  I say this only because, when I sat down to write this "review,"  I wanted to make sure that I put my experience with Mike Davidson in context.  Without equivocation or exception, Mike D is elite.  He will surprise you: his work stands up to the work of engineers twice his age.  His positive attitude is a treasure; where so many engineers tend to be, lets just say, brusk, Mike is cool as a cuke.  His work ethic is unimpeachable; I’ve seen him work for 14 hours and take just one break to pee.  He is a genuine talent; he has the ability to visualize the sounds you are dreaming of and then take them a step further.  Paying for a recording project without an advance can be difficult, but I assure you, the real question is: Can you afford not to work with him?

  • Ariel Rubin, Ariel + The Undertow

    I’ve been working with Mike Davidson for the past ten months and from the start the process has been professional, respectful, inspiring, and fun. As both a producer and engineer Mike has immense energy and is  thoughtful with a highly cultivated attention to detail. He is a calm, grounded and well listened professional, who has a strong knowledge of current industry trends, the best ways to help both established and up-and-coming musicians and an interest to truly listen to the musicians he works with; enhancing their sound instead of changing it. I recommend Mike with the highest regard and believe he is at the beginning of a long, varied and successful career.


  • Sylvana Joyce, Sylvana Joyce & The Moment

    This man is a wizard at editing. His attention to detail and his passion for his craft make him a pleasure to work with. Also, the in-house equipment is vintage/quirky and totally inspired the band to make some great sonic choices (I really loved the sound of the acrylic drums, and we ended up tracking some sounds made by a toy piano we saw sitting in a corner of the live room). He was professional, extremely personable, and creatively inspired. I say this from the bottom of my heart, our recording experience with him was nothing short of magical. I highly recommend Mike.


  • Paul Cowgill, Cowgill

    This man is a class act. He did a really great job as a mixing engineer for our CD, and he’s also very responsible and fun to work with.


  • Rich Vaudrey, Lonely Brook

    Recently had a 3 day session with Mike Davidson to record our band’s first EP and walked away with a product that we’re totally happy with. Mike was great to work with – totally laid back, easy to get along with and professional. We presented Mike with some novel challenges in terms of instrumentation and a particular sound we were after, and he was impressively quick to pick up on our vision. Mike listened to our ideas and input, but also had his own ideas to respectively contribute. We were on a super tight schedule, but were able to get everything done thanks in large part to Mike’s serious Pro Tools editing skills.  Mike is an engineer with a great set of ears and a great technical and musical intuition. Would recommend Mike Davidson Recording to anyone.


  • Adam Frederick, Jason Spooner Band

    Mike Davidson is an excellent Producer and Engineer. I have had the distinct pleasure of working and collaborating with him on a number of projects as an outside producer, session musician, and orchestrator/arranger. On each occasion Mike was professional, funny, invested, receptive and above all, inspiring. Not only does he have a vast knowledge and understanding of the gear, software, and techniques of the trade, he possesses an unmatched ability to capture sound as an extension of the music itself. His ears are second to none, and I often turn to him as the “Gold Standard” in listening. I recommend him without reservation in the highest possible degree.


  • James Morone, Musician

    Mike (the main engineer) has deep expertise in all sides of the recording process.  He gets great guitar tones, always knows what kind of performance is needed, can develop song ideas, best casinos online and can get a huge array of sounds.  MDR clearly has a very strong grasp of radio-ready sensibilities but they”re also willing to experiment with new sounds.  I got the record I wanted, had a great time, and learned A LOT.  I highly recommend Mike Davidson Recording.

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